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puerto rico - Campaign

The National Health IT Collaborative for the Underserved(NHIT Collaborative) has initiated the NHIT Care Campaign with guidance from PwC and supporting partners to provide emergency medical response tools, supply chain management, and technology infrastructure for Puerto Rico's Federally Qualified Health Centers (FQHCs).  Given the significant damage to Puerto Rico’s national infrastructure, FQHCs and affiliated primary care provider networks have urgent need for power, medical supplies, communications, and telemedicine support to conduct emergency medical response and coordinate care in coordination with disaster response operations across Puerto Rico.   Consequently, the NHIT Care Campaign was developed with two parallel phases:

1) Phase I:  Immediate disaster response using a Puerto Rico-specific instance of the emergency response capable OpenEMR-Plus open source cloud platform (demonstrated successful response during and after Hurricane Harvey in Houston) and emergency supply chain assistance, and

2) Phase II:  Rebuilding the island’s healthcare infrastructure with strategic planning, funding oversight, and supply chain management support.

Additional partners include the Puerto Rico Primary Care Association Network (PRPCAN), Amazon Web Services, Williams Medical Technology (WMT), Health Gorilla, Stephen F. Austin FQHC, and Open Health News to provide FQHCs with the technological tools and capabilities for medical care, aiding coordination with federal and territory emergency response teams, and enabling seamless interoperability of health data for medical care of refugee/migratory populations.